12 ways to reuse and recycle newspaper

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Hello there! Hope it was a pleasant weekend for you folks. What were you lovely people up to? Did you shop, go for a walk with your loved ones, hit the gym, catch a movie or stay at home?

I had a swell one, thanks to the awesome weather here. Help me with this….do you folks manage to catch up on your newspaper time over the weekend? I never get around to them on holidays! We are always sleeping in late or rushing to complete our school projects or chatting up with family over Skype or we are all about town doing our weekly shopping or just lounging around, planning that elaborate weekend meal! And I hate to miss out on the weekend reviews so I stack away the weekend editions until I find some time during the week to pour over them. So invariably, amidst all the chaos that rules the start of the week, my Mondays look something like this!

And thats on a good weekend :))

And thats on a good weekend :))

And then there is the inevitable consequence of all that newspaper reading! A ton of newspaper stashed away in some secret corner of the house along with the dilemma of what to do with all that newspaper. So over the years, I have come up with many different ways to recycle and reuse newspaper. Amazingly they are one of the handiest things to have around the house. If you are like me and want to be as mindful as possible of what you use and try to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources, you will love this little cheat sheet that I have put together to reuse and recycle newspaper.


If you want to prevent those horrible streaks then newspaper is your best friend here. Just crumple up and use with a vinegar-and-water solution instead of a chemical cleaner for the best results


A newspaper is a brilliant alternative for plastic bubble wrap. You can use the newspaper to wrap individual fragile items as well as a filler (just crumple and use) to pack a box full of such items.


Wrap green fruits and tomatoes in a newspaper, stack/layer in a box and cover with a lid to get perfectly ripe fruits after a few days. A bonus tip here, wrapping apples in old newspaper and storing them somewhere dry will keep them from rotting. You could also line the bottom of your fruit and vegetable drawer in the fridge with newspaper. They will absorb any mess from rotten produce, and will also keep the drawer free from odours. 


A super quick fix to smelly shoes. Crumple up some newspaper and stuff them into smelly shoes. Leave overnight and then discard. You will be surprised at how all the bad odours would have disappeared


Come summer and it's barbeque time. At the end of an enjoyable day with friends, family and a barbeque in the garden, you are left with the challenge of cleaning the barbeque. Once your barbeque has cooled down a little, soak newspaper in water, lay the sheets over the warm barbeque grill, close the lid and leave for about an hour. Then simply remove the paper and wipe the grill clean. You can use this method to clean your oven too.


Come spring and summer and it's all time to indulge your love of gardening. A big problem in most gardens is weeds in your flower beds. To deal with them cover the flower beds with newspaper and soak them with water, then cover the paper with compost to plant. Over time, the paper will smother the weeds, and the organic matter will help your garden flourish.


While we are on the subject of gardening, you can layer many sheets of newspaper on top of each other and shape them into a makeshift container for germinating seedlings. And once your seedlings have been transferred the newspaper will also make a good addition to your compost.


Do you have a cat? If so, you would have found it a challenge to deal with the wetness and odour in the litter box. Place sheets of newspaper in the bottom of your cat’s box, below the litter. You’ll save on litter, and any odours and wetness will be absorbed.


Oh, the mess created by broken glass!! Haven't we all had to deal with that one at one time or another? Here's an easy trick to clean it up. After you have picked up and disposed of the larger pieces, carefully blot the surrounding area with a few sheets of wet newspaper. The shards of glass will stick to the damp paper which you can then bin easily. While on the subject of broken glass, you can also use a wad of newspaper to unscrew a hot light bulb which is broken.


If yo are the outdoorsy type and enjoy camping, newspaper is a very handy addition to your camping kit. Apart from being useful as a substitute for rag cloth or a paper towel you could also put several sheets of newspaper underneath your sleeping bag. This will keep your bag dry, free from dirt and grass stains, and will provide a warm paddingin the colder months.


Newspaper is very handy in the winter months. If a cold snap is coming, cover your outdoor plants with sheets of newspaper, and secure them with clothes pins or clips. But do remember that this will only work if there is no rain. Another very handy use is in your car. Lay newspaper across your windscreen to protect from frost.


This has to be my very favourite tip in the list. Wrap gifts with interesting and sheets from old newspaper for a vintage kitsch look. If you have time, you can even cut thin strips to make a bow to top it. For a little bit of extra style, you can use brown paper and a bit of jute string to make the bow

It must be obvious to you by now, that I love the look and feel of newspaper. There is something very old worldly and quirky about it.

So, I made a couple of newspaper inspired Audrey Hepburn art print which I want to share with you. A FREE download of two of these art prints that you can print and have on your wall right away can be yours by using the link below (if you cannot see the link, please refresh the page).