Of Colour Pattern & Texture....


Welcome! I am Pratima

I  am on a mission to help create homes that are warm, loved and magical! I would love to help you do this with little little tips, tricks and the occasional freebie!

A passion for travel, fabric and design resulted in the birth of Fusion Home Studio. I grew up travelling across India and as a result developed an appreciation of the melting pot that is India. Life moved on.... I went on to acquire post graduate qualifications in management and then went on to work for leading Information Technology Companies. The years of work and marriage also meant more travel, this time to different parts of Europe and America.

Through the years of marriage, work and a whole lot of travel around the world, the one thing I remember and cherish the most is my efforts to create a home that had a little bit of both India and the world. I love nothing better than trawling the net and décor magazines looking for inspiration. Nothing fascinates me more than rich jewel tones, sumptuous velvets, lush silks, mixed natural textures, mid-century modern furniture, contemporary and vintage home accents. The seamless blend of diversity make for a heady mix of eclectic home perfection.

Using these elements with the fabrics of India that I love so much, creating delightful designs for a uniquely stylish home came as a natural progression when I decided to take my love for global decor to the next level and make a go at sharing this with likeminded people.

I believe that homes are meant to be an expression of your personality and style. And at FHS that means pushing the boundaries of convention, of being bold, and of not being afraid to mix things up, of keeping things sophisticated yet having a laid back feel.

My designs are a reflection of that philosophy. What does that mean for you? It means that you will find in my store

COLOUR palettes in sophisticated rich jewel tones, sometimes tempered with earthy neutrals and the odd pop of vibrant hues.

TEXTURE in a wide array of global textiles. Softly woven glamorous silks, rough earthy khadi or the oh-so-soft velvets.

PATTERNS that are firmly rooted in the culture of some exotic place and add a whisper of travel tales to far-flung places.

BOLD, ECLECTIC STYLE home décor creations with handcrafted details that make a statement about who you are.

A PARTNER in creating a home that’s warm, loved and magical.

Welcome to Fusion Home Studio!